Your mind is really smart. It knows you inside out. But sometimes it tells you stories. Negative stories that shatter your self-confidence.

The stories aren’t real. But they feel real. So they hold you back. Limit your ambitions. Affect your performance. Spoil your fun. Stop you in your tracks.

The Mental Cyclist will help you see these stories for what they really are. And change them. Rationally. Mindfully. Permanently.

A hands-on life-changing exploration of what’s really going on in your head when you ride.


The Mental Cyclist will help you break through the psychological barriers that hold you back. Not by training harder or suffering more, but by developing deep self-expertise and making your mind work for you, rather than against you.


Unless you’re a world champion, you’ll always encounter people who are fitter, faster, slimmer, stronger or sexier than you. Which is why it’s time to stop comparing yourself to everybody else and work on your own self-esteem.



Come face to face with the nagging voice inside your head that assures you, with unrelenting conviction, that you’re too slow, too weak, too fat, too unfit, too lazy, too… whatever. It's time to kick self-criticism into touch.



Cycling can go from awesome to awful in a twist of the wind. Develop the resilience to cope with anything, through training, through riding, through anything.  


Willpower is what you need to do something you don’t want to do. The more you don’t want to do it, the more willpower you need. Willpower can get you through just about anything… until, of course, it doesn’t. Find out why.


Stress in cycling sucks. It makes you tense and miserable and sucks the joy out of everything. The Mental Cyclist will show you where stress comes from, and help you swap anxiety and angst for happier times in the saddle.


Confidence isn't about 'positive thinking'. It's about knowing that once you understand what truly motivates you, you become unstoppable. Do anything you want to do.


When you're fully motivated, you're unstoppable.  But do you understand what really motivates you, and what really doesn't? Becoming a Mental Cyclist means developing deep self-awareness and becoming an expert in yourself.

limiting beliefs

The stories you tell yourself about what you  can and can't do hold you back — on the bike and in life. Learn how to root out your limiting beliefs, blow them up, and design the cyclist you really want to be.


One of the really key benefits of becoming a Mental Cyclist is rediscovering the sheer joy of the ride. So if you need to recharge your relationship with cycling, clip in.

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change your mind, change your ride

The Mental Cyclist will help you change the way you think about your cycling, and yourself, so you can do more your bike.

Because it’s your mind, not your muscles, that pushes the pedals.

A deposit now guarantees you early-bird pricing and immediate access to the course when we go live on March 1st 2022.


The writing is funny, sharp and really insightful. I kept having those ‘that’s me, that is!’ moments. I’m enjoying working through the exercises too, as I find journaling really useful for setting goals and measuring achievement.



This was very very different to the type of bike book I would usually read. It’s solely focussed on your head space. If you are looking for a training book for purely physiological benefits this isn’t it, but that’s what’s unique about it. This book has helped me ENJOY being on my bike while getting everything as optimal as can be mentally (my default state is a self limiter and the type of person that quits before he starts). Hopefully I can carry over some of its tips and tricks into everyday life.



I love the way Kyle has approached his book and the thought process behind it. It’s a great read (and I’m dyslexic) and simple to understand. Do yourself a favour and buy it.



This is the book you probably don’t know you need. I picked it up as part of what I now understand to be further avoidance tactics on my part. It is full of useful questions and stories that encourage you to reflect on your own state of mind, motivations and really unpick what particular fears or worries are stopping you from succeeding – not only in the challenges you might have set yourself but also those that right now you think are just dreams. You could probably apply this book to anything in your life too, not just cycling. If theres anything you’d like to do better at, this book will set you on the right path



Becoming a Mental Cyclist is not about pushing your body through the pain barrier to achieve superhuman feats in the saddle. Nor is about changing your personality, or balancing your chakras, or asking the universe to magically make your life better. It’s much more powerful than that. Way more than a marginal gain.

It’s about getting to know yourself better. When you do that, you can do anything.



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