Mind training for cyclists


Blow up the psychological barriers that hold you back. Change the way you think about your cycling — and yourself — so you can do anything on your bike.




Performance psychology made accessible, actionable and entertaining



Guided exercises and journaling for developing deep self-expertise



Understand what’s really going on inside your head when you ride



Commit to, mentally prepare for, and smash your ultimate personal challenge



Premium CARBON edition, paperback and ebook



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Upgrade your brain (and your coffee table) with this stunning limited edition of THE MENTAL CYCLIST. If you love top quality kit, this premium version is for you.

Beautifully designed with lots of luxury touches, this one’s definitely got the ‘ooh’ factor. The lay-flat binding makes it the perfect format for journaling your progress. The unique design makes it the perfect gift for cyclists – or yourself. Grab one while you can. 


  • Flexible vegan leather cover with keep-close band
  • Debossed logo
  • Charcoal grey with contrast teal bookmark
  • Standout, non-standard size (16cm x 23cm)
  • Lay-flat binding makes writing easy
  • 304 pages of 115gsm recycled paper
  • Designed in Scotland, printed in Germany
  • Available UK and EU only


(with free post & packing)


Great things come in small(er) packages, like the paperback version of THE MENTAL CYCLIST. Packed with the same powerful learning and journaling tools as the Carbon edition, the paperback might be a little smaller, but it’s no less mighty.

Work through the learning stage by stage, using the guided exercises to design the cyclist you want to be. The 12-week challenge tracker will help you set and smash your ultimate cycling goal.


  • Glossy cover
  • 15cm x 23cm
  • Available via Amazon worldwide

£17.99 £14.99


Great things come in small(er) packages, like the paperback version of THE MENTAL CYCLIST. Packed with the same powerful learning and journaling tools as the Carbon edition, the paperback might be a little smaller, but it’s no less mighty.

Work through the learning stage by stage, using the guided exercises to design the cyclist you want to be. The 12-week challenge tracker will help you set and smash your ultimate cycling goal.


  • Glossy cover
  • 15cm x 23cm
  • Available via Amazon worldwide

£17.99 £14.99


Convenient, accessible and exceptional value, the Kindle version is the complete book and journal, reformatted for your viewing pleasure. All of the learning and guided exercises are included, as well as the 12-week challenge tracker. Want to put pen to paper as you chart your progress? You can download and print these resources for free, right here on the website, so you can journal your way to a winning new mindset.


  • Available via Amazon worldwide




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    9. Jane M

      If, like me, you love cycling but lack the motivation to get your kit on and head out there, this is the book for you. It’s made me think about why I cycle, what reward the effort brings me and what goals I want to set myself. The best bit is that the tone is a million miles away from standard text books. Though much of it is evidence based, the writing is funny, sharp and really insightful. I kept having those ‘that’s me, that is’ moments. I’m enjoying working through the exercises too, as I find journalling really useful for setting goals and measuring achievement. I’ve been using some of the techniques on the turbo and they really help. Not the cheapest book on the market but really good quality design so worth it.

    10. Al McV

      Helps get your head around your cycling. Regardless of how many miles you ride, or how often you remind yourself of ‘rules’ #5 and #9, there’s always a huge a psychological element to cycling. This book really helps to identify and deal with those aspects of cycling that might be preventing you from achieving your goals.
      If you already consider yourself a ‘Mental Cyclist’ the lessons and exercises are probably helpful for getting that everyday non-cycling crap out of the way.

    11. ST

      So, In my mind I’m a cyclist, but in reality I’m not really, my body type is a Endomorph so not really suited, however….I teach spin sometimes 20 classes a week and I’m always looking to improve, I love the way Kyle has approached his book and the thought process behind it….It’s a great read (and I’m dyslexic) and simple to understand, many times I thought “ I’ve never thought about it that way”. Do yourself a favour and buy it. 🙂

    12. Mhairi

      Helpful motivation for cycling or other hard tasks. This is the book you probably don’t know you need. I picked it up as part of what I now understand to be further avoidance tactics on my part. It is full of useful questions and stories that encourage you to reflect on your own state of mind, motivations and really unpick what particular fears or worries are stopping you from succeeding not only in the challenges you might have set yourself but also those that right now you think are just dreams. You could probably apply this book to anything in your life too, not just cycling. If theres anything you’d like to do better at this book will set you on the right path.

    13. Mark H

      A different way to be comfy on your bike. This was very very different to the type of bike book I would usually read. It’s solely focussed on your head space. If you are looking for a training book for purely physiological benefits this isn’t it, but that’s what’s unique about it.
      This book is perfect for me, it has helped me ENJOY being on my bike while getting everything as optimal as can be mentally (my default state is a self limiter and the type of person that quits before he starts). Hopefully I can carry over some of it’s tips and tricks into everyday life.
      Super easy read, highly recommended for anyone that wants to cycle more, cycle stronger and stop being such a dick to themselves.

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    Your mind is smart. It knows you inside out. But sometimes it tells you stories. Negative stories that shatter your self-confidence. Then when you think about doing something challenging, something you’d love to do, your mind goes: nope. The stories aren’t real. But they feel real. So they limit your ambitions. Affect your performance. Spoil your fun.

    THE MENTAL CYCLIST helps you see these stories for what they really are – and demolish them.

    Rationally. Mindfully. Permanently.

    It’s not about pushing your body through the pain threshold to achieve superhuman feats on your bike. It’s a fundamental shift in the way you think and feel that makes anything possible.

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